Fighting over a toy with your kids because you like it so much

It’s not about becoming a Cinderella after meeting a prince on a white horse. It’s about receiving love from one man for a long time. You are ready, right?

Actually … a friend of mine was married seven years ago. She loved him to death but … they split in less than a hundred days. But … I met the woman I hated to death. Two weeks before the wedding. She thought she had forgotten everything. She thought she had erased everything. As though I had never forgotten … I remember everything. So she’s … having a hard time right now. I really don’t know what to do. Isn’t that stupid? I’m crazy, right?

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“Indeed, life is full of surprises. The worst comes with the best. But we can get through life because sometimes the best comes with the worst. Marriage will concern both our families, not just us. We’ll experience discomfort due to other family issues. Nevertheless, I think marriage is totally worth it if you and I can spend even a moment together”.